Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Night: Farro, Tuscan Kale, Sweet Potatoes, Smoked Hock

Here's a tasty little diddy I wanted to throw out there just to show that we do in fact eat lots of vegetables in our house, and also to soften the blow of the impending series of duck posts that are coming next week. There is a little bit of pork in this dish, but it plays a minor role (sort of). I think it was a better dish with the pork, but this easily could have been made vegetarian. The meat, in this case a smoked hock, was braised to enrich a stock that I made for soup last week. As I was throwing dinner together last night, I saw it sitting there and I realized the hock's delicious destiny. I cooked some onion and some diced sweet potato in some olive oil. I let the potato brown a little after the onion sweat and then I added a bit of garlic and shallot. I warmed the hock up in the pot and then cut away the skin and the meat, diced it up, and tossed it back in. I added about a cup of water and splash of vinegar and then large pile of Tuscan kale. While that simmered away, I cooked some farrow. That's it. Dinner was served up quickly and the kid's devoured it. I think this could become a regular thing. I know it's just another variation on greens and pork, but this particular variation was great.

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