Friday, December 3, 2010

Pickle-tini - Wisconsin's Finest

I was just browsing through my food porn folder on the hard drive (you know you have one too) when I stumbled across this beauty and was reminded of one of my favorite drinks of summer...or winter with the heat on high. The Pickle-tini on the rocks is one of the greatest drinks in my repertoire. It's a simple cocktail. In fact, I'm a big believer in simple cocktails. Here's my recipe for another little diddy I like to call Movie Night: take a rocks glass, add two or three cubes of ice, then grab a big ole bottle of bourbon and fill 'er up just enough so that you don't spill any on the couch when Cinderella starts. If your feeling fancy, add a splash of bitters. Go ahead, you deserve it. Be careful though, the name of this drink changes depending on either the size of you glass or number of cocktails you consume. If you aren't careful the Movie Night becomes a Brown Mumbler which quickly deteriorates into a Sleeping Daddy.

The Pickle-tini is a little more fancy. This drink originates in Wisconsin, as inferred by the rare ingredients found within: Fleischmann's Vodka and Milwaukee's Kosher Dills; a couple cubes, a couple long pours, a couple pickles, and splash of pickle brine (to complement/cover the fine flavor of the spirits). The version seen above was decidedly fancier. The pickles came from a friend's special super sour and spicy pickle batch and the vodka was just plain ole Stoli from the freezer. Some crackers and a hunk of ungodly orange Wisconsin cheddar and you are good to go. In fact, if you have two, you'll probably forget to eat dinner. I did. Maybe you can even come up with another name for the drink that doesn't have that wussy "tini" on the end.

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